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The 7 Deadly
Cash Flow Sins


The must-have book for small business owners who want

more time, money, and freedom


Create the life you deserve

with this easy guide to optimising your business

using numbers and strategy

This book has the power to improve your cash flow and profit, if you let it!

Businesses fail all the time.

80% of them actually “close up shop” within 5 years.
That stat may not surprise you, but what you might find surprising
are the simple reasons why people's blood, sweat and tears
so often end in yet more tears. It's a crime. Actually, it's a sin.

And there are
7 of them to recognise.

Written by the award-winning bookkeeper,
business strategist and CEO of Cloud 9 Strategic

– The Strategic Bookkeeper herself,

Jeannie Savage

Jeannie is a leader who has dedicated herself to developing methodologies and product innovation in her industry to help her clients thrive.

To know more about Jeannie, click HERE.

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